Mahashivratri: 5 Fasts for Lord Shiv will take away all the hardships of your life


Maha Shivaratri: If you don’t want the bad luck and unhappiness in your life you should definitely keep five Monday fasts for Lord Shiv. In Hindus, it is believed that keeping these fasts and then doing “Abhishek” at any of the Lord Shiv temples brings peace in your home and all the negative energy fades away in time. “Abhishek” involves bathing of Lord Shiv murti with milk, ghee, curd, water following the decoration. 

During your fasts you should eat only one-time food. While doing the pooja rituals in the morning you must offer red flowers, and flower, Bil Patra, to Lord Shiv this will change the entire result of your fasts. “Abhishek” should be done when you have fasted for five consecutive Mondays.

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