Shiva family’s useful message of life


Shiva Ratri day of devotion is especially. Lord Shiva devotees offer special Punyfl. But Lord Shiva and his family, which can be learned from that is useful for life. To worship Lord Shiva represents perfection. Nandi is the vehicle of Lord Shiva. While rodents vehicle of Lord Ganesh, Lord Kartikeya’s peacock are mounted on the mother lion. The life cycle of these animals devouring each other run in the family, they still depicts Shiva.

Indeed God variations and problems in life after life, and the lives of people with many views inspire. Lord Shiva during Smudramnthn naked drinking poison was put in my throat. While the nature of the effects of naked before Vispan was burning. The message of Lord Shiva bearing similar problems in life, we must work for the good and well being.

To worship Shiva and Rudraksha is worn. It has great significance in life. Like all of Rudraksha beads are also interlinked wish to stay. Little sense in Lord Shiva devotees are pleased that the mantra of Lord Shiva to provide satisfaction. Maha Shivaratri worship of Lord Shiva to get extremely Punylab. If you wish to progeny lingam dedicated oil on the water must offer.

If you wish to early marriage of Lord Shiva lingam, offering 108 Bilvptr Uॅn should chant Om Namah Shivaya. The water then must offer. Desire for accomplishment Shivlinga water, milk, yogurt, honey, sugar, melted butter and then anointed with water containing Panchamrita must offer.



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