Mahakal Baba will be the introduction of the groom … Maha Shivaratri


Thursday 16 February will be the ghost Bhavana god Mahakal groom. Also introduced will Navratri Shiva Mahakal temple. Until the day of Maha Shivaratri this Shiva Mahakal Baba on the occasion of Navaratri and thousands of different formats will make up the breathtaking wonders of nature philosophy seize Mahakal Baba devotee. Mahakal temple administration as well as the Shiva temple priest’s pandas has completed preparations to celebrate Navratri.

The holy city of Ujjain is the only event where Shiva is Navratri. As a result, there is not only the joy of the devotees of the temple authorities and priests as well as the enthusiasm and the pandas are dishing out. During Navratri different from Siva Baba Mahakal will make up the beauty of the temple complex also now light will start to disintegrate. The magnificent temple is equipped with lights.

According to information from the Shiva temple administration officials shall be converted to a system and philosophy of Navratri Nandi Hall visitors will benefit from the same philosophy. Meanwhile, the representative informed the priests pandas are set to make up for the afternoon and evening hours in the sage ghost variant Bhavana God will give darshan to his devotees, as Mahakal groom. Visit here for more info:-


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