It is a village where the only women allowed to play Holi


Kundera village in Uttar Pradesh’s Hamirpur standing tradition unique to the year under which any man, even children of the village and do not allow children to play Holi. Here only woman gets together grandly celebrates Holi.

In fact, IT All Changed After An event, the event Men’s First All-Women, the children, and all together Celebrated the Holi festival, But Several Years Ago Were Village members Holly Village Ramjanki Temple During Consideration Festival Rajpal Singh, a young member Tablet Salt prize gunman shot and killed by Behrmi after which the village was not observed in the Holi festival of the year.

But all the women of the village go to the temple of the village, the Ramjanki a meeting, in which it was decided that all the women of the village all the villagers Germojudgi Guys in the Holi celebration with the whole man-Riwaj Mnaangi, that day Holi festival 2017 celebrates women of all men in the village to this day they go out of the village, and all the women of the village to the festival of Holi is celebrated with full zeal and enthusiasm of every small and big villages resulting in temple is.


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